All About Divorce and Family Law

Elliot Margolis of the Law Offices of Elliot D. Margolis is an attorney in Royal Oak, MI, with more than 28 years of experience. In this series of articles, he explains what feuding spouses need to know about the process of filing for divorce in Michigan.

Is There Such Thing as a No-Court Divorce?

In the state of Michigan, it is impossible to get divorced without first heading to the county courthouse.

Why Do Couples Need a Waiting Period Before Their Divorced Can Be Finalized?

Michigan law states that all couples need at least a two month waiting period before divorcing. When children are involved, this mandatory waiting period can increase all the way to six months -- if not longer.

What Is a Divorce Modification?

Divorced couples should be aware that it can be nearly impossible to modify certain legal orders.

Can I Get Child Support If My Ex Is Unemployed?

The primary caretaker of a child can seek child support even if his or her partner is currently unemployed. A judge will order child support payments to be based on the amount of unemployment benefits coming in each month.

Divorce During Retirement: Unique Considerations For Older Couples

Filing for divorce during retirement is a serious decision, even more so than deciding to divorce earlier in life.

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